Intramuscular Steroid Injection Guide

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Intramuscular Injection Guide

Intramuscular Steroid Injection Guide

Ampule To Syringe & Why Your Suppose To Draw From An Upside Down Open Ampule :

How To Break and Draw from Ampule

You Can snap the top off the amp easily just by applying a little pressure to the skinniest part of the glass ampule. Too much pressure may shatter the entire thing, so be sure to put the pressure only on the area you want to break. What most people do not realize is one your top is off and your ready to draw the liquid from the amp and into your needle and syringe is that the amp is designed in the funny shape you see for a reason, which is you’re suppose to turn the ampule upside down and due to the design / shape of the glass, the liquid inside will NOT just pour out. You then insert your needle into the opening of the amp and draw it out. I know this sounds counter intuitive and most of you will not try drawing it out the proper way due to being afraid you will lose all the liquid when you turn it upside down. I promise you that once you break the top off, and turn it upside down, that narrow area of the glass will cause the contents to create a bubble. Even when you put your needle up into this area, the bubble will continue to hold until you have drawn everything out. However, even after reading this and realizing now that this is why ampules were made into the shape that they are, you will still likely draw the contents with the opening facing up while putting your needle down into it lmao, this however can dull your needle if you hit the bottom or sides of the glass amp whereas doing it the way it was intended is by far a safer, with less chance of needle dulling.

Vial To Syringe:

If you’ve got a sealed vial with a rubber stopper, we have to do things as cleanly as possible, as we’re going to use the same vial repeatedly. The first thing to do is to clean the top of the vial with an alcohol wipe. Simple but effective. Next, we take the vial and turn it upside down with the rubber stopper facing the floor. Take your syringe with the needle on it and before you stick it in the vial, pull back the plunger to the number of cc’s that you want to inject. Now, with the vial still upside down, stick the needle through the rubber stopper. Push the plunger all the way in to inject air into the vial. This creates positive pressure in the vial that will allow the fluid to more easily flow into your syringe. Now, pull back the plunger to whatever amount you need and remove. This probably sounds more complicated than it really is, but you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Quickly, clean vial, pull back, stick in, push in, pull back. Once you do it a few times, you won’t even think about it.

Now, you’ve got your vial full of steroid and ready to go. Before we go injecting, a quick hint that will allow you to inject more easily and possibly with a smaller needle. Heat up the syringe for a few minutes using either hot water or a hair dryer. This allows the oil to flow more freely and makes injecting much easier.

The easiest spot to inject is in the buttocks. That’s the ass to all of you pottymouths. To find the right spot, you’ll want to draw a vertical line down the center of your cheek and a horizontal line in the middle also to make four quadrants. It’s the upper outer quadrant that we want to inject into to avoid blood vessels and your sciatic nerve. Believe me, if you hit your sciatic, you’ll never make that mistake again! Conveniently, the right spot to inject is also the easiest to reach if you’re doing your own injections. If your life partner is helping you, that’s fine as well. Now, take an alcohol wipe and clean the areas you want to inject into. There are various injection techniques that you may want to learn at a later time, but we’ll stick with the most basic for now for convenience. Take the loaded syringe and hold it at a 90° angle to the skin. Now just stick it in at that angle. No need to go slow, as you only have a significant number of pain receptors in the skin and not many deeper. Once you’re in all the way, pull back on the plunger for a second or two. If you aspirate blood into the syringe, you’re probably in a vein and need to pull out and try again. If you don’t get anything (actually, you’ll get some air bubbles), you’re good to go. Injecting too quickly is often a source of trauma to the area and unnecessary pain, so take your time. Some people will go as slowly as one cc per minute. I know you want to get the needle out of you as quickly as possible, but it’s worth in the long haul. Once you’re done, just pull it out and hold some pressure with a piece of gauze for a few minutes to make sure the bleeding’s stopped. Put a Band-Aid on (preferably a Sesame Street character) and pull your pants up. Remember that forgetting to pull your pants up is bad form and will result in style points deductions from the French judge.

If you’re doing frequent injections, you’ll want to rotate sites as much as possible to give each site a break. The thigh is another common site that people use and is easily accessed. To find the proper spot to use, you can stand at attention with your arms hanging at your sides and make note of where your middle finger reaches on your leg. This is about midway down your thigh on the outside part of it. Same techniques as before apply.

The shoulder/delt is the final site that we’ll discuss. This is one pretty simple. Aim for the middle; it’s that simple.

The issue of needle size and length is a personal one for the most part. Experience will tell you what you can and should use. For comfort’s sake, you’ll want to use the smallest needle you can pass the steroid through. Needle sizes are measured as the width across the opening of the needle and are represented as gauge (G). The lower the number, the bigger across the needle, and vice versa. So an 18G needle is very big, while a 27G needle is very small. A typical size used for glute injections is a 1.5 inch 22G needle. Leaner guys can use a 1” needle and some people will prefer a higher gauge for comfort. Just don’t go any bigger than 22G as there’s no need, and you’ll end up taking cores of skin everytime you inject. A 1” needle for thigh shots works well, and a 5/8” needle for delt injections seems to work for most. If you’re fat, you should be dieting and not using steroids, but if you do, you will have to use a longer needle to reach the intramuscular space.

Well, we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg here, and we still have lots more to cover. Tune in to Part II for a discussion about common steroids and how to use them best, about cycle planning and how to best avoid nasty side effects, and about anything and everything practical I can think of to give you. I realize that this is an article at the most basic level, but as I stated earlier, I want everybody to be on the same page before we delve into deeper issues. Feedback is a plus, and we’ll go wherever you want with this in the future!

In the first part of this series, we covered what exactly anabolic steroids are and what they do, the differences between orals and injectables, and basic injection techniques. Now you’re probably wondering what exactly to take. If you spend any time at all perusing the various steroid boards on the internet, you can easily be overwhelmed with the sheer number of drugs available. Most people don’t have a clue as to where to even begin when constructing a cycle. This month we’ll cover the most important steroid out there in brief detail but with enough information to help you construct logical, safe cycles for yourself.


This guy seems to need no introduction. He’s the daddy of all anabolic steroids in more ways than one. Other steroids are simply modified versions of the testosterone molecule meant to enhance or change various aspects of the molecule. Here’s what it looks like.


Now you’ll notice that you don’t commonly get just “Testosterone” from any legitimate or underground producer. The reason for this is that the actual molecule of testosterone – when injected unaltered – has a very short half-life and won’t be around long. So how do we solve that problem? We add an ester group to the 17 position of the original molecule. The size of that ester group gives the new molecule a distinct half-life. So, if you’d ever wondered what propionate, enanthate, cypionate, etc. mean, they’re simply added esters with differing lengths, thus giving the new molecule differing half-lives. What they DO NOT CHANGE are the effects of the steroid. Testosterone is testosterone. You’ll hear lots of people, including many veterans of the steroid game, talk about how test cypionate, test propionate, and test enanthate are different than each other. One “gives you more bloat” and another “gives you more lean muscle gains” while another might be “better for cutting.” The fact is that they simply stay in your system for differing amounts of time. Period. Do they have different uses? Of course! We’ll get into that more in a bit, but we need a little background information first. Here is a list of the various added esters and the names associated with each:

Formate 1
Acetate 2
Propionate 3
Butyrate 4
Valerate 5
Hexanoate 6
Heptanoate 7
Enanthate 7
Octanoate 8
Cypionate 8
Nonanoate 9
Decanoate 10
Undecanoate 11

There are others and variations of the above, but this will get us through most of the basic discussion.

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